NYC Artist Coalition Priorities

At NYC Artist Coalition meetings, members prioritize action items and recommendations. You are welcome to join our regular meetings or email us with what we should be working on. Together we get your questions answered and issues resolved through mutual aid, access to support, and/or public advocacy as needed.

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"The Coalition is you and me and everyone we know who believes that it is important to preserve a diverse culture at a neighborhood scale, accessible to people of all incomes, races, immigration status and sexual orientation." - Olympia Kazi @ Save NYC Spaces Town Hall

Prevent Criminalization

Access to Support #SaveNYCSpaces

  • NYC's Office of Nightlife as Confidential Cultural Caseworker #NightlifeHelpDesk [Read More]
  • Space Improvement and Code Compliance Fund: Fund operated by non profit to fund space improvements for safety and code compliance.
  • Path to Being a Legal Community Space: understand, visualize simply for artists, publicize, assist, advocate

Promote Affordability

  • Small Business Jobs Survival Act: The Right to Commercial Lease Renewal. [Pass New City Council Bill #737]
  • Commercial Rent Stabilization: Board caps rent increase on all NYC commercial leases. Fair rent becomes the rule of the road.
  • Landlord Vacancy Fine: Penalty for landlords who evict and keep storefronts empty.
  • Community space incubator in underused city space
  • Live-Work-Event Spaces: Expand opportunities and facilities.
  • Expand NY's Loft Law [Read More]

NYC Office of Nightlife

NYC Office of Nightlife, created through our advocacy must:

  • Do all the above plus Office specific actions and philosophies
  • Earn trust. No registry of spaces. Opt-in for help.
  • Work with diverse community groups across the city.
  • Develop anti-displacement policies. Halt devastating real estate development pressures. #Nightlife4All.
  • Multilingual Online Support and Phone Help Line Presence
  • Provide Anonymized Data on Casework by Borough

Recommendations to City Officials

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We are an emerging coalition of artists, creative organizations, community leaders, activists, policy makers, and specialists providing mutual support and advocating for informal and affordable community spaces in NYC. Join us in protecting community spaces for all New Yorkers.

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