Vacant Storefronts in NYC

Commercial Vacancy Rate

Commercial Vacancy Rate by New York City Council District

Licensed NYC Businesses Were Here

Beloved small businesses and grassroots cultural spaces in NYC are shuttered with high rents.

Landlords are pushing out long time tenants in the hopes of getting new, high paying tenants. Storefronts are kept empty.

There is an enormous number of empty storefronts in NYC.

Central Brooklyn, including Bed Stuy, East New York, and East Flatbush, have consistently seen the highest commercial vacancy rates.


To find the commercial vacancy rate estimate, we examined the history of business licenses since 2015.

We examined locations where businesses operated at one time but where no business operates today. To be classified as vacancy, we only considered locations where no license existed for at least 6 months.

This is likely a conservative estimate, as locations that have remained vacant for more than two years are not counted and businesses may close before their license expires.



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We need to stop the vacant storefronts epidemic! Beloved small businesses and grassroots cultural spaces are being pushed out with high rents.

Sign Commercial Vacancy Bill #1473 for #FairRentNYC.

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