Lease Protections for Spaces- Tell NYC Council: #PassSBJSA

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“Pass SBJSA"

 Call City Council: 212-788-7210
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#SBJSA would protect leases for cultural spaces, create the right to commercial lease renewal. #PassSBJSA Intro 737 #SaveNYCSpaces! @NYCSpeakerCoJo @MarkGjonajNY @CarlinaRivera @DianaAyalaNYC @StephenLevin33

Tell your City Council Member:

"Sign On to SBJSA (Intro 737) #SaveNYCSpaces"

  • “Small Business Jobs Survival Act” protects leases for cultural spaces and create the right to commercial lease renewal.

  • Cultural spaces are in jeopardy and disappearing every day due to rising rents.

  • SBJSA mandates that a commercial lease holder has the right to renew their lease for a period of 10 years.

 Sponsor Bill #737
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New York City Council Members Now Signed on to SBJSA

Now we need the majority of City Council to sign on. Call your City Council Member and say "Pass SBJSA". Calling counts. 212-788-7210

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