Closures of Community Driven Space: Pre-2014 to Present

This is an informal list put together by one of our members. This has not been confirmed — it’s missing information, and some of the dates and reasons for closures could be incorrect.

SINCE 2015

Over the Eight, variety bar
The Experiment Comedy Gallery, comedy, fire department tip
Ran Tea House, co-working space and venue
Aviv, music
Hand & Detail, temporary space
La Luz, comedy and healing
Standard Toykraft, puppets, closed 2016
Proteus Gowanus, museum, gave up lease
Troll Museum, closed 2016, evicted
Morbid Anatomy Museum, museum and classes, "lost funding"
Manhattan Inn, bar, music
Grand Victory, bar, dancing
Acheron, metal bar
38-9, Long Island City warehouse
623 Bergen, loft space (not really an open space)
Playland Motel, Queens
Starr Street Projects, theater and dance
Wild Kingdom, formerly Free103, now private


Market Hotel, on again off again
Shea Stadium, music (temporarily closed?)
Don Pedro?
Annoyance Theater?
Spectrum, moved and reopened as Dreamhouse in Ridgewood
Muse, closed and reopened in Ridgewood
Bushwick Boat, closed twice, now private
Cameo Gallery?
Secret Project Robot 2, became Rubulad 3, will reopen in a new venue in April
Bohemian Grove, closed and became the Glove
Grand Space, aka Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary, aka BUZ, aka Brooklyn Dzong, aka The Dzong, now private
X Marks the Lot, short lease


Body Actualized, yoga raves, closed 2014
Palisades, music, closed 2014 (reopened 2016?)
Death By Audio, music, art, and installations, closed 2014
285 Kent, music, closed 2014
Glasslands, music and performance, closed 2014, previously Glass House
12 Turn 13, dancing and artspace, closed 2014
House of Yes 2, variety arts, closed 2014, rent increase
Steel Drums, closed 2014
The Ho_se, music, closed 2014, evicted to rebuild larger building
Fitness, music, closed 2014 (maybe reopened)
Lulus, bar, music, closed 2014
Wreck Room, bar, closed 2014
Goodbye Blue Monday, closed 2014
Church of the Electric Dirt, closed 2014
Dead Herring, closed 2014, reopened as Cloud City
Music Wagon HQ, closed 2014
Cosmic Cavern


Red Lotus Room, closed 2013
BPM, reggae space in Williamsburg
The Parlor Room, artspace, closed in 2013?
Port D'or, gallery, closed 2013?
Magic Futurebox, closed in 2013
3rd Ward, mismanagement
Zipper Factory
Rififi, noise complaints
Galapagos 1, moved to DUMBO
Galapagos 2, moved to Detroit
Zipper Factory (2011?)
Bowery Poetry Project
Tonic and Subtonic, 2007
Mo Pitkins
Martinez Gallery, Greenpoint, shut down by neighbors
Asterisk, 2009?
Don Hills
Bury Me in Brooklyn, basement after hours
Volume, lawsuit
Surf Reality
Collective Unconscious
Zebulon, chose to close
Lemur, robots
Lakeside Lounge, bar
Mustard Factory
Wild Space
309 Scholes
Wonderland, Astoria
Flux Factory 1/Mighty Robot/Monster Island, demolished
Flux Factory 2, demolished
Above the Auto Parts Store (?)
Big Snow Buffalo Lounge (?)
Breaker Breaker (?)
Crewtonz House of God (?)
Flight of the Buffalo (?)
Glass Door (?)
Rubulad 1, closed 2008?
Happy Birthday Hideout, became Rubulad 2, closed 2013?
Living Bread (?)
Party Expo (?)
Pizza Forrest (?)
Right Bank (?)
The Shank (?)
Uncle Paulies
The Woodser (?)
Xpo 929
Paris London West Nile, closed 2010
Boatel, closed 2011
Brooklyn Jungle
Robots, aka Save the Robots, East Village, 1983-1993, became other clubs
The Gas Station
10 Eyck
Hi Christina Storefront 1,2,3

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