Repeal the Cabaret Law Now: City Hall Hearing

Thurs Sept 14, 1pm / City Hall

REPEAL the Cabaret Law NOW: City Hall Hearing

Thurs, Sept 14, 1pm-4pm
New York City Hall

Social dancing is illegal in NYC. The racist and homophobic 1926 "No Dancing" Cabaret Law is a tool of discrimination enforced today against NYC's most vulnerable. Overflow NYC Council Chambers to make history and #LetNYCDance

This hearing is the critical history-changing event, be a part of it. Your body in the room, your voice makes the difference. Extra Credit: Tell your story during the hearing and testify.

Five City Council Members will decide the fate of dancing and community spaces in New York City. Your presence in the room tips the vote.

Free t-shirts at 1pm. Show your solidarity with #LetNYCDance with your own pink t-shirt. City Council Members will look out onto the room to see a united group.

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What is NYC's Cabaret Law?

*Created in 1926 to stop interracial dancing in jazz clubs *Giuliani used to shutter gay bars and decimate culture *I love to dance and it should not be a crime *Fewer than 100 licensed spaces in all five boroughs *Unequal enforcement creates discrimination today



New York City Hall is fully accessible. Accessibility ramp on the east side of the building takes you to the basement. From there take elevator to City Council Chambers. Bathrooms are ADA compliant.

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