Supporters List

Albert Freeman, Industry of Machines
Alec Duffy, JACK
Alex Augustyniak
Alice Teeple
Amanda Davis
An Droidzzzz
Ana Popescu, A.POP
Ariel Abrahams, Bilha Zilpah Reunion
Bradford James, Love City
Brian Abelson, Distant Signal
Brian Merlano
Bryan Kasenic, The Bunker New York
Cassidy Graves, Various Variety Shows / Bedford + Bowery Journalist
Cathy Kossack
Chris Mayes-Wright
Chris Video, Shredder
Christy Bencosme
Clay Wilson
Daniel Arlein
Darshan Jesrani, Zodiac Social
David Burgos, Beast Coast Radio
Deniz Ataman
Donny Burlin, Space is the Place / Outerspace Employment Agency
Erika Bogner, MFEVENTS
Ethan Eunson-Conn
Frank Meegan
Gena Mims
Genji Siraisi, MOMENT NYC
Guy Yedwab, League of Independent Theater
Hannah Cho
Jacquelyn Smith
James Kelleher
Jamie Burkart, WOW List
Jeremiah McVay, Fort Useless
Jeremy Magno, Queens College
Jessica Nolasco, The Bitch Batch
Jessica Thoubboron
Joe Salina, Babycastles
John Saponara, Write the Wrong
Jon Brown
Jonah Levy
Jordan Poling
Jose De Frias
Joyce Li
Julia Fredenburg
Julia Shulman, Brooklyn Dance Collective
Kalen Flynn, Sublimate
Kat Millerick, Space Is the Place / Thunder Gumbo
Kris Petersen, Tag Out
Lauren Rosalanko
Lawn Mall, Market Hotel / Trans Pecos
Lee Boroson, Lee Boroson Studio
Lenora Thornton, SISTER
Lorraine Sangre
Madison Velding-VanDam, The Wants
Marc Ribot
Mark Fahrer, MFEVENTS
Matthew Namer, Thunder Gumbo/ Aquatorium
Mauricio Ceppi, FUNKTAXI 1533
Max Buckner
Maxime Robillard, Love Letters
Mehmet Erkaya, TBA Brooklyn
Molly Cox, The City Reliquary Museum
Monica Finc
Myroslaw Bytz, mria|music
Nancy Faith Anello, The Floasis
Nicole Gier, New York Trax
Nikki Brown, Boiler Room
Olympia Kazi
Oriana Leckert, Brooklyn Spaces
Reade White, Reade Truth
Rhiannon Catalyst, Aquatorium
Richard Aufrichtig, Ocean Music
Robert Mundell, Holly, Wood & Vine
Sam Hyde, NY DJ
Sam Klein
Samantha Lang
Sara Wasserman, RINSED
Sarah Mullins, Independant Artist
Sean Pollock
Shannon Thomas
shawn wilson, I love vinyl / humanhead records / Let's get lost radio
Sloane Solley, Artist
Steven Shaw
Todd Ayoung, Artist Of Color Bloc
Tovah Feinberg
Tracy Fenix, Creative collaborator and social practice artist / Wave Hill
Turiya Madireddi, RRAO
Zach Fischer, For It! Records

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We are an emerging coalition of artists, creative organizations, community leaders, activists, policy makers, and specialists providing mutual support and advocating for informal and affordable community spaces in NYC. Join us in protecting spaces where all can be who they are.

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